Prep 2 – 4.5 – 5.5 years

Language Concepts

  • Phonetically building up words-CAT< RUN, PAN etc
  • Missing letter, dictation Aa – Zz
  • Singular and Plural form of nouns
  • Introduction of action words
  • Continuation of sight words
  • Prepositions
  • Is able to formulate simple instructions
  • Waits for own turn in conversation
  • Retells short stories and sequential events
  • Understands concept of days of the week, months, seasons
  • Knows the spelling of own name and can write it
  • Starts reading simple words and spotting them in sentences
  • Vocabulary increases in English

Math Concepts

  • Number names
  • Fill in the missing numbers
  • Greater and smaller
  • Ascending and descending order of numbers
  • Identifies uncommon shapes and related them to everyday objects
  • Recognizes abstract concepts like far/near, past/future
  • Writes and recognizes numbers
  • Counts and is able to circle objects up to 20
  • Identifies patterns and can skip count in 2's and 5's and 10's
  • Can fill in missing sequence patterns
  • Rote counts up to 200
  • Knows ordinal positions (1st-5th)
  • Starts on simple addition and take away

Fine Motor Skills

  • Proud of managing activities and instructions well
  • Understands safety and is cautious while using instruments
  • Is able to button, lace bead with dexterity

Gross Motor Skills

  • Can organize simple games
  • Is able to coordinate instructions with hand and leg movement
  • Can participate in musical games with precision
  • Climbs with confidence

Science Concepts

  • Comparing, classifying, estimating amounts
  • Differentiating weights and predicting outcomes
  • Understands different forms of the same resource
  • Participates in simple experiments from everyday life
  • Becoming aware of natural resources and land forms

Life Skills

  • Knows parents occupations
  • Learns to respect elders and values relationships
  • Knows telephone number, address, city/state, and birthday
  • Works at resolving issues with others by expressing feelings and emotions through words rather than physical action
  • Starts talking about conservation
  • Observes hygiene and is conscious about surroundings
  • Understands left and right signs

Music Skills

  • Is able to sing and recite songs and rhymes independently in the presence of adults
  • Relates words and lyrics to actions and understands their relevance

Art Expressions

  • Understanding the relevance of art and craft activities in relation with science, math and language
  • Experiments and enjoys different media like everyday objects and natural resources

Some of the other concepts that would be covered in PP2

  • Time
  • Currency
  • Days of the week
  • Names of the months
  • Names of different countries

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