Play Group (18 Months – 2 . 5 yrs)

Language Concepts

  • Engages in simple pretend play
  • Increases vocabulary - Uses phrases such as please, thank you, I am sorry
  • Puts together two or more words to form a sentence
  • Joins in nursery rhymes and songs
  • Refers to self and others by name
  • Points to and repeats the names of body parts
  • Begins to recognize own name
  • Follows one step directions
  • Listens to stories
  • Rote reciting and recognition of alphabet from A-Z

Mathematic / Cognitive Concepts

  • Identifies shapes: square, circle and triangle
  • Distinguishes objects that are the same and/or different
  • Rote counts and tries to recognize numbers from 1-10

Fine Motor Skills

  • Raises and drinks from a cup
  • Tries to build a tower of six or more blocks
  • Puts an 8 piece puzzle together
  • Manipulates links and pegs
  • Uses cookie cutters and rolling pins with play dough
  • Tries art activities such as colouring, painting

Gross-Motor Skills

  • Running
  • Climbing stairs holding onto railing
  • Walking in a line
  • Seating self in chair
  • Throwing a small ball
  • Jumping on two feet

Science Concepts

  • Identifies body parts
  • Recognizing colours
  • Categorizing various objects
  • Five senses

Life Skills

  • Helps clean up after work and play
  • Is willing to try new experiences
  • Keeps hands to self
  • Begins to play with other children
  • Starts to verbally express feelings
  • Shows kindness to friends
  • In the process of potty training
  • Shares with classmates
  • Sits quietly
  • Recognizes self in a photograph or mirror

Music Skills

  • Copying of movements for finger-play
  • Short term recall of songs and lyrics
  • Experimenting with music instruments

Art Expressions

  • Painting, gluing, tearing, rolling, stamping

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