Nursery – 2 . 5 – 3 . 5 years

Language Concepts

  • Listens to short stories, poems, rhymes, songs and finger plays
  • Follows 2 – 3 step directions
  • Listens without interruptions
  • Uses appropriate inside and outside voices
  • Names and identifies body parts
  • Speaks in 4 – 6 word sentences
  • Participates in conversation
  • Repeats short rhymes, songs, finger plays and stories
  • Responds relevantly to questions and ideas
  • Uses appropriate vocabulary focusing on objects around
  • Introduced to concepts of days of the week
  • Starts on pre-writing skills
  • Identifies own name
  • Identifies most of the upper and lower case letters A to Z
  • Phonetic introduction to basic letter sounds

Math Concepts

  • Rote counts to at least 20
  • Recognizes numbers 1 – 10
  • Compares and sorts by shape and colour
  • Matches objects
  • Understands opposites
  • Understands same and different
  • Basic patterning skills
  • Identifies shapes: (square, rectangle, circle, triangle and star)
  • Identifies colours

Gross-Motor Skills

Develops gross motor skills and coordination through movement involving

  • Running
  • Climbing stairs proficiently
  • Walking in a line
  • Throwing a small ball
  • Catching a small ball
  • Jumping on two feet
  • Balancing on one foot for 5 seconds
  • Hopping on one foot

Fine-Motor Skills

  • Proficiently drinks from a cup
  • Builds a tower of blocks
  • Tries to put together a 8 piece puzzle
  • Laces beads - 5 on a string
  • Manipulates links and pegs
  • Uses cookie cutters and rolling pins with play dough to press out shapes
  • Art activities such as: painting, gluing, drawing, tracing and printing with more confidence

Science Concepts

  • Include observing and identifying body parts
  • Categorizing animals
  • Comparing, classifying, estimating amounts, discriminating by touch
  • Becoming aware of natural resources and their origins

Life Skills

  • Develops positive self-image
  • Participates in transitions and routines
  • Responsible for personal items
  • Expresses feelings and emotions through words
  • Develops an understanding of family members and their roles: (mother, father, brother, sister, grandmother, grandfather, aunt, uncle, cousin)
  • Takes care of bathroom needs independently
  • Develops concept of sharing and respect and taking turns
  • Participates as a group member and works on cooperation
  • Takes care of school toys, supplies and equipment
  • Distinguishes sizes of big and little

Music Skills

  • Uses voice expressively to speak, chant and sing
  • Experiments with a variety of instruments
  • Participates freely in music activities

Art Expressions

  • Moulding
  • Enjoys art and craft activities and wants to do them independently
  • Follows instructions on art and craft activities

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