About Us

Rosemount International is a division of Tusker Berry Group focusing on education. We are developing this brand to prepare the next generation for Global Standards of K12 education.

Our uniqueness is our innovative curriculum and its integrated delivery model based on S.T.E.M technology developed by domain experts with more than 50 years of experience in the fields of child psychology, early education, higher education and International expansion.

Guiding Principal

Be Bold, Be Strong, Be Wise

Our Vision

Rosemount International envisions providing a safe, inspiring, empowering and a loving environment where a child can reach his or her full potential as an evolved balanced individual during the formative years.

Our Mission

Rosemount is dedicated to provide

A truly remarkable learning experience for children.

A well balanced education as the most valuable asset for children.

An education that enhances the spirit of a child while stimulating the mind.

A world view to help the child navigate the world with a knowledge of humanity and interest in world cultures, languages using "grace and courtesy as a human responsibility"

A value based foundation to have respect for one's self and others.


Aims and Objectives of Educational Development at Rosemount International Preschool

Our focus is catering to the child's needs by applying the principles of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs Pyramid in a pre -school environment developing the children on a bottom up approach with emphasis on developing the multiple intelligences of a child.

Rosemount International has a very dynamic and interactive setup which promotes movement. Children are free to move about the classroom at will in a structured and controlled environment. In addition, the activities of practical life provide the opportunities to develop both Gross and Fine motor skills and movement in a caring and secured environment.

The classroom and materials at Rosemount International are aesthetically designed, simple, interesting and accessible to all children. Tidiness and Order is the rule. The environment is organized which allows the child to feel safe and secure, knowing his or her world is in order. The psychological and physical safety of the child is the paramount objective of the school before anything else.

The learning in Rosemount International is grounded in play and meaning making. Our child-centred learning focuses on developing their ability to Listen, Narrate, Reflect and Express their own Views, Vocabulary and Concepts building their Intellectual capacity.

Children learn to develop friendship through the lessons in Grace and Courtesy by being helpful and kind to others.

Montessori said "No one can be free unless he is independent." (The Absorbent Mind). By helping a child to develop independence and autonomy, the school help the child reach self-actualization or his full potential as a fully functioning member of society.

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